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A neighbor saw the child outside alone and called the local police.When his mother and father arrived home, they were met by a police officer, who arrested them for child negligence. And he didn't have access to emergency services, shelter, food, things like that," Bianchi said.By 1982, Miscavige was Hubbard’s top aide, and in 1987, the year after Hubbard’s death, he became the leader of the whole organization.

"What is important is in Florida there is no minimum age where a child cannot be left alone at home," Raiser said. In this government overreach, where they come in and kind of steamroll this family and try to address some sort of neglect charge, they created the harm, because they removed the 11-year-old child from home, along with his four-year-old brother, for a month, in and out of foster care." "This is a typical example of when government goes too far and actually creates a worse situation than before." Watch the "Fox and Friends Weekend" clip above. The mother stated: The authorities claim he had no access to water or shelter. He had no bathroom, but the responding officer found our yard good enough to relieve himself in while our son sat in a police car alone.

Miscavige’s wife, Shelly, was put in charge of the top-secret project, they tell me, and the ruse was to call in actresses from the organization’s rolls, tell them they were being given the honor of auditioning for a new training film, and then ask them some curious questions, such as: What do you think of Tom Cruise?

“It’s not like you only have to please your husband—you have to toe the line for all Scientology,” explains Marc Headley, a Scientologist from age seven, who tells me he watched a number of the dozens of three-to-four-minute audition videotapes when he was executive producer of Golden Era Productions, Scientology’s in-house studio.

Many question that figure, some putting it as low as 40,000.

In October 1993, during the first year of the Clinton administration, Scientology received its disputed status as a tax-exempt church.

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A lawyer for Miscavige refers to Rathbun and Rinder as “a dynamic duo of lunatic venom and untrustworthy bile” and denies that the incident above ever took place.

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