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She’ll be shady and two-faced so that she can conceal these problems at the start of the relationship, and once the man finds out, the relationship he is in is more of a dire situation than he ever anticipated.

Then there are men who have no pride, no standards and no shame, so they will date and screw anything with a pulse.

Disturbingly, I have seen more of this over the years.

I see seemingly normal men with hideous and obese girlfriends and I think to myself, “What could he possibly see in her?

A year after that debacle, I couldn’t even get a number from some bombshell whom I had thought was genuinely showing interest in me. Not only do they have too many choices, they are constantly getting approached by men, so they either do not like such attention and reject every man, or they are very selective, and simply like the attention and turning men down to feed their already colossal egos.

You’ll still have to treat getting a number like buying a gun; there has to be a waiting period until that first call, because showing too much interest is characteristic of a psychopath in her eyes.So, in a culture that shames and emasculates men, it’s all work and no reward. What I mean is that if a man is fortunate enough to get a date with an attractive woman with a good personality and even be in a relationship with her, he has not only played enough games and his cards right during a very small window of opportunity, but he has walked a tightrope and passed numerous sh*t tests just to be with her.Or it was by chance and a stroke of luck, meaning the stars aligned perfectly and getting a date is once in a blue moon for him.When the aforementioned scenarios do not occur, men are subject to the most nightmarish, Twilight Zone-type dating endeavors and experiences.They find themselves in a kind of dystopia, a conundrum of no-win situations.

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” Have standards plummeted to the point where the amygdala takes over and eliminates inhibitions in the name of chasing tail?

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