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“Perfect Together” also hearkens to what made her famous: food!

Lyrics include plenty of gastronomical phrases like, “If you were Sunday brunch, I’d be eggs and bacon.” 4. Puppies make the perfect sous-chefs – just ask Pansino.

She added, “I have always loved being creative with my food and making themed sweets for my friends.” 3. Pansino’s got skills with the spatula – and with rhymes.

Her first single debuted last year, complete with a Marie Antoinette-era music video.

Her friend Husky pointed his fans to her channel and also gave her encouragement and advice.

Less than a month after the start of Press Heart To Continue, Husky invited her to become a castmember of Maker Studios' then new The Game Station (rebranded "Polaris" in 2013) You Tube channel.

Originally, the Cata Beta videos were done with more informative than entertainment goals, with humour of course, but not as they are today.

Sadly, his channel has been more-or-less abandoned since 2015, as Husky has shifted his focus to various business ventures: he is one of the founders of Polaris, and has also become the manager to his girlfriend Rosanna Pansino, a baking celebrity with over 5 million subscribers.

Vid Con is upon us, and your favorite online baker will be there, with recipes in tow.

Rosanna Pansino of Nerdy Nummies fame will sit on the “#Girl Love on You Tube” panel discussion on Thursday, June 23, and, later, the “The More You Know” panel on Saturday, June 25.

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Lawson grew up on a farm near Molalla, Oregon and attended Molalla High School.

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