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And being a member stinks once your one if you cancel it you cant keep your stuff! the games and secret agent missions are the only very entertaining things for a nonmember in the game also heavily tries to make players buy a membership. My friend, a gilr penguin, was naked and saying things like "hugs closey" to a boy penguin. If you say a bad word on CP you get banned forever or few 24 hours. I got banned but it was good to know that people get banned for saying things like that. I didnt know that he ment bouncing, as in touching each other.

I went to the party and didnt see any bouncy house.

Also by working around the rules I mean it seems that penguin "hook up" on club penguin. I know it is partially a charity to help penguins, but you have to buy a membership for everything. luckliy i escaped her secs and online dating IS a problem and i hear cp membership is expensive. Also you can earn stamps but the ''drinking'' is a problem people pretend to be pets, ''drink'' it's weird. Club Penguin is good, but whether you realize it or not, LANGUAGE IS AN ISSUE. " "Lamb it" "Dock head" "u a dock" and a bunch of other language that just made my mouth drop to the floor.In the dictionary, which is available online, words such as ‘neg’, ‘jank’ ‘fetch’ and ‘outers’* are translated for parents, giving them the tools to better support and monitor their children on the internet.Lucy Woodward, Interactive Live Services Director at Club Penguin said, "New language is constantly being born online.I love hanging out at club penguin with my friends outside of club penguin and I also love meeting new ones. I have not played it for a long time however I still have my ex-paying member account and I am amazed people let their kids on this website.But I find as I learn more and more things about club penguin that this isn't the best website I could be at, and has nothing to do with the creators of this site it has to with the users. But overall, Club Penguin is SUPER Boring without a membership... The entire clubpenguin is splattered with ads persuading parents to pay for memberships and you can't do a lot at all if you're not paying.

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