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A relaxed, funny Batman probably wasn’t the best idea for the comics in the long term, though, and Zatanna’s proposal of a date was shot down by the typical, “I don’t want to bring you into my world, Zatanna.” Say it with a growl, it sounds better. Talia al Ghul It’s hard to argue that Talia al Ghul is one of Bruce’s top love interests given that they have a son together, Damian Wayne.

Talia is the daughter of the semi-villainous Ra’s al Ghul, and the two fell in love while Batman was under the tutelage of her father. Selina Kyle The best love interest Batman has ever had? If there was a number two, though, it would be Selina Kyle, a.k.a. The semi-reformed villain is the only character who can keep up with both Batman and Bruce Wayne.

She was named that of course in case you were wondering if she was French.

She was eventually retconned out of resistance, and sadly, did not have a pencil thin mustache like her Dad. Jezebel Jet Like Bruce Wayne, Jezebel was incredibly rich, a fact they bonded over by doing rich people things like skiing, and eating pandas.

But cats and dogs aren”t the only creatures that could use a charity ball. Amanda: There actually is a Sea Robin Jimmy: [laughs] Look, how we write Harley is we go out to eat and whatever is on the menu we put it in the book. The Carp and Sea Robin have a whole history of trying to save fish at the expense of dogs and cats? They do have a gripe because they think there's way too many charities for cats and dogs. In Harley”s nightmare, a theme that kept popping up was Harley and Batman having kids.Though he has yet to go all the way into Bat on Plant action. Vicki Vale Possibly Bruce Wayne’s most famous girlfriend, due to the original Batman movie, Vicki Vale was actually a minor love interest in the 1950s. Cloud A sentimental favorite of many fans, Silver St.Around the release of the movie, though, the reporter for the Gotham Gazette returned to prominence as Bruce’s “one true love.” Clearly modeled on the Lois Lane/Clark Kent relationship, Vale could never put up with Wayne’s frequent absences, and they broke up. Cloud is a rich socialite who’s unique for one very, very good reason: she figured out that Batman was Bruce Wayne. And maybe the scene with the whale, maybe they'll have like a whole relationship too! I'm sure that The Carp and Sea Robin will be shipped together and have their own fandom. So, shipping is when you take two characters from any show, comic book, etc. From that comes fan art and finding moment when Character A looked at Character B for an extra second and reading into that. Jimmy: I hope the one where Harley shoots Bruce Wayne off the boat and he keeps talking to her as he gets eaten by a shark makes it.

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From a new Facebook page to a product line at Hot Topic and beyond, DC”s bubbliest psychopath is everywhere. I think the better characters are written that way.

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