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She took the scandal by the horns and issued a statement, clearing up the fact that no, she was not in her bra, and that she "had a blast" and would not be apologizing."My biggest fear from that whole thing was that people were going to think that I was trying to be sexy," she told the magazine. When it comes to romance, she has been known to keep her romances out of the spotlight as much as possible, including her current relationship with Aronofsky.As Lawrence told wrapped and, while the typically outspoken star keeps the details about her man to a minimum, she does have many compliments to pay him.

It was during that chat with a room full of Oscar voters that Lawrence fired off one of her favorite gestures, throwing up a middle finger to the audience while recounting a story about the making of the film.

"He just finds it so vastly disappointing," she said and then laughed.

It's no secret that Jennifer Lawrence is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, but despite her killer acting ability and recognizable star status, she's actually just a regular gal trying to keep her private life private.

Last November, Jennifer Lawrence was photographed kissing 48-year-old director Darren Aronofsky, confirming the rumors that the two were dating. Law confirms in a new interview, it's been almost a year now since they've started their relationship.

They got together after shooting for the movie they did together, "We had energy," Lawrence said, adding dryly, "I had energy for him.

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