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All subsequent versions of UBB.threads starting with version 5.5 were released in PHP only. Every forum page has been updated to be mobile friendly.

UBB.threads 6.0 was released in the spring of 2002. On January 1, 2010, UBB.threads was spun off from Social Strata, and sold to Mindraven, Inc. Proper time zones and automatic Daylight Saving Time adjustments.

This is a place for CLEAN humor to entertain survivors and supporters in this healing place. It does not have to be hilariously funny, rather it is what each contributor finds entertaining.

and now known as Social Strata), owners of the Ultimate Bulletin Board software. After WWWThreads' acquisition by Infopop, the Perl version of WWWThreads was discontinued. Initially known as version 7.3.2, while version 7.4 is mostly bugfixes from previous versions, there are a few new features being introduced. Two new portal islands (one that displays today's birthdays, and a "featured member" portal island that selects and displays a random user who is not banned) [1]. Major new features for version 7.5 include: A redesigned user profile page. blogging features were added by way of visitor comments section on the user profile page.

The last Perl version of WWWThreads was version 5.4.3. Some new features being introduced include: A search function for the user list. An administrator option to disable the calendar was also added. Primary changes for version 7.6 include: A completely updated Control Panel pages.

On November 10, 2008, UBB.threads developer Rick Baker began a survey on whether the next major release should include blogs, or whether it should include a GUI redesign [2].

An issue of concern is that if blogs are added in the version before the GUI redesign, the blogging feature would have to be reworked again in the next version afterward that the GUI redesign is applied to.

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