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Garn SEX DIFFERENCES IN BODY SIZE AND BODY COMPOSITION At all ages, from the first trimester through the tenth decade, the man is the larger of the two chromosomal sexes, being longer and heavier and with a larger lean body weight (LBW). National Academy Press Sex Differences and Ethnic/Racial Differences in Body Size and Body Composition Stanley M.weight and FW, the overlap is considerable (see Tables 13-1 and 13-21; the overlap area is of importance to military planning and materiel tariffs from several points of view.

Εάν είσαι δυσαρεστημένος με τον τρόπο με τον οποίο λειτουργεί ο Flash Player στον υπολογιστή σου, παρακαλούμε προσπάθησε να αλλάξεις στην έκδοση HTML-5 της ιστοσελίδας πατώντας πάνω στον "διακόπτη".In adult- hood, the man generally has a larger LBW by a ratio of approximately 3:2 (for example, 61 kg or so versus 43 kg or so).This sex difference in LBW is reflected in the sex difference in basal energy requirements, in the caloric 207 208 Stature STANLEY M.In adulthood, the man is generally taller, by about 6 or 7 percent across the socioeconomic (SES) range and in different genetic populations.This stature excess is disproportionately expressed in the appendicular skeleton, a factor of considerable importance to vehicular design and to the design and operation of equipment and firearms and the location of controls.

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