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It was an incredible experience to exchange pictures (I still have her stoic 5th grade school picture), stories from our schools, postcards from our vacations, etc.

I remember the excitement of coming home from school and finding her letter on my bed: foreign stamps scattered across a colored envelope, addressed to me with her curly, distinctive handwriting.

If their writing partner uses a digital camera, it is easy to share a lot of pictures, and perhaps their pen-pal even posts to a blog where your kids can write back in the comments section.

However, in many countries internet is not as widely used as we are used to.

When you go to mail the first letter, buy several stamps of the correct amount, so that you are ready when the next letter comes.

Have your kids draw some pictures, send a photo, ask questions- have fun with this intercultural exchange!

Many times teachers will be looking for class partners, but there are also homeschooling families, and individual students searching for pen-pals. There is a program for teachers in the US to be matched with a PCV through the “Wordwise Schools” program.

When I was teaching Spanish, we had a volunteer based in Bolivia, who would share incredible stories with us in English and Spanish.

Not only did it give my students a chance to practice Spanish, it also gave us a glimpse of part of the world we probably won’t ever get a chance to visit.

At a very popular site, Students of the World, teachers can post their country of origin, or search the posts to find a suitable class with whom they can exchange letters.

Another popular, e Pals, you can search the maps, and the various forums for people looking for pen-pals.

Over 150 businesses, industry associations, NGOs, scientists and politicians have issued a call to end the use of some so-called ‘degradable’ plastic over concerns that these materials do not properly break down in the marine environment.

With Honourable Intent is the story of an organisation that has been shaping and influencing conservation practice since its foundation in 1903.

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  1. The app does let you have some control with people you wouldnt want to interact with or talk to anymore like blocking them if you feel they are a bad influence to you, which I feel gives myself more security and privacy.