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Felix Kjellberg, (born Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg), also known as Pew Die Pie /ˈpjuːdipaɪ/ (pronounced pyoo-dee-pai), or Pew Die and Pewds for short, is a 28 year-old Swedish video game commentator known for his videos on You Tube and appearances on numerous playthrough videos.Pew Die Pie is known for his Let's Plays on horror-themed video games, as well as playing many other types of games, including flash and indie games, and records his reactions through audio and webcam recording and the main protagonist of his videos.In an interview, Nate Houghteling, one of the people from Portal A, the company responsible for producing the video, said that Pew Die Pie was actually kind of a last minute addition to the video.After forgetting his password on his original channel (channel by the name of Pew Die), Felix opened his second You Tube account under the name Pew Die Pie on April 29th, 2010 with a Minecraft playthrough video showing a zombie that had spawned in a minecart in a shed with another player.

Then, Pew Die Pie began uploading many Let's Plays and playthroughs on horror-themed videos, including Amnesia custom stories, flash games and other types of games such as Façade.On several Fridays with Pew Die Pie, he recorded videos of surprising fans by video chatting with them on Omegle, and has edited a collection of his own in-game reactions in videos commonly known as "Funny Gaming Montage" or "Scariest Moments in Gaming".In his 1000th video, Pew Die Pie showed appreciation and gratitude for his rapidly growing fanbase by compiling an assortment of video material from the beginning to the present of the last two years since his You Tube channel has gained notable popularity. Pew Die Pie appears as the last scene in the video, burying the rewind logo beneath a rocky beach until next year's You Tube Rewind. On August 30, 2014, Felix uploaded a video titled 'Goodbye Forever Comments'.Pew Die Pie spawned a fanbase named the "Bro Army", and references his subscribers as "bros".On most Fridays, Pew Die Pie uploads a video known as Fridays with Pew Die Pie, which includes vlogs, doing Q&As, opening fanmail (known as "bromail") and generally talking about what is currently going on in his life.

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