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Background Worker class executes the time consuming operation on a separate background thread thereby keeping the GUI responsive to the end user.

It can also report the progress of the operation periodically, cancel the operation while it is running and indicate when the operation is completed.

How can I utilize GAUGE within a loop or any other automated routine to display its evolution? The value of the Progress Bar takes the value of zero and then increment at each stage of your programming work.This example illustrates the perfect example of the most popular programming were computers were operating with a single processor 16-bit or Intel 80386, 80486, Pentium I, Pentium II, Citrix, AM386 or computer ... In fact, we were taught that the computer could only make a single statement at a time.First of all, Open Microsoft Visual Studio and create a new project of type Windows Forms Application Drag and drop the following controls to the form and set their properties as below using the Properties window The purpose of this program is to import the contents of a CSV file, perform a simple calculation and update the data onto a data grid view control.The Form Load event (Form1_load) sets two key properties of the Backgroundworker control - Event of this sample program we use a Text Field Parser object to read the contents of a csv file line by line.

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When you run the program and you press the button, the Progress Bar will animate.

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