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In a question and answer session at USC, featured on the DVD commentary, Zemeckis and Gale said that J. Cohen had been their first choice for Biff, but that Cohen was not large enough in comparison to Stoltz.

As such, Tom Wilson became Biff, and Cohen was cast as Skinhead, a member of Biff's gang.

For now though, you can purchase the 30th anniversary edition of the Back To The Future trilogy – with or without the complete run of the animated series – on October 21st.

Stoltz was filmed for four weeks, but after seeing a rough cut, Steven Spielberg and the writer/directors decided that Stoltz had played the role too seriously for a comedy, and he was replaced by Michael J. Images of the scenes of Stoltz as Marty can be seen on com, where they were posted in 2002.

Bob Gale later explained in a commentary track on a DVD release that some dialogue scenes with other actors were from the original shoot.

One notable scene that was kept in the final film is the one in which Stoltz as Marty punches Biff in Lou's Cafe back in 1955.

I do not think that we reshot that because it was a closeup of me." Stoltz would later star alongside Lea Thompson in the 1987 John Hughes high school romance film, Some Kind of Wonderful.With the 30th anniversary of the first film already passed, and the day that Marty and Doc went into the future during Back To The Future Part II fast approaching, wouldn't the time be right for a release of the original four weeks of shooting for posterity?Surely all parties have no grudges, at least none so great that they've become public knowledge, so why not kick in a little extra gas into the tank when it comes to fans double dipping only five years after upgrading to a Blu Ray copy?Slowed down enough to be examined frame by frame, the scene shows that Stoltz's facial profile is visible when Marty delivers the punch that invented the skateboard.Further evidence to back this claim ranges from the time of day the different shoots took place, as well as the difference in facial features on Wilson's mug from two different points in the shooting.

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