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“These warrants are given to individuals who have failed to appear in court after being issued summonses for violating that quality of life,” Staten Island District Attorney Michael Mc Mahon said in a statement.

“While I have supported holding our Fresh Start events on Staten Island where individuals can take personal responsibility and request that their summons warrant be dismissed, I believe that issuing blanket amnesty for these offenses is unfair to those citizens who responsibly appear in court and sends the wrong message about the importance of respecting our community and our laws.” Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a statement that the effort is one step in a greater criminal justice reform plan.

Introduction Mike Mizanin has been dating the youngest Mc Mahon, Kayla for two years now, and their love has blossom beautiful in those two years even overcome an obstacle that try to get in their way.

Mike is not happy with just dating Kayla he wants to make her his wife forever.

From in depth interviews with some of Irish rugby's biggest stars to unmatched insights into the provinces and the national team, The Left Wing has all your rugby needs covered.

Newsdesk On this week's episode of The Left Wing, Will Slattery and Luke Fitzgerald are joined by Leinster wing Fergus Mc Fadden to discuss the province's season so far, Ireland's demolition of the...

Both Mc Carthy and Fitzgerald played under Edwards.

"I remember you'd be walking past him in the corridor and say, 'Alright Shaun' and you'd be passed all you'd hear would be him shadow-boxing down the corridor and in the middle of a gym session and he'd say, 'Hold that for me mate', and he'd give you a medicine ball and he'd start pounding the medicine ball.

"We were in Paris years ago and something kicked off and we were outside and the bouncers had mace spray or pepper-spray.

They said the warrants were for failing to pay tickets for minor offenses, but subjected those against whom they were issued to arrest and other penalties.

The district attorneys said the dismissal of warrants poses no threat to public safety, because the subjects of the warrants have not been arrested in 10 years.

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