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GQ caught up with Grammy-winning singer songwriter Norah Jones ahead of the release of “Day Breaks”, an album that will remind you of her 2002 debut album "Come Away With Me" which has sold in excess of 26 million copies.

When you Google the question “is Norah Jones…” the second suggestion to autocomplete that sentence is the phrase “still alive”.

Since the world met Jones, she has been consistently making music with some of the best in the business (Ray Charles, Q-Tip, Willie Nelson…), and that voice, thank God, is very much still with us. Do you do consider yourself a calm or an anxious person in your day-to-day life?

GQ: Having done so many interviews, what’s one question you’re sick of being asked? “It says it’s a kindred spirit to your first album? ” And it’s like sure, but can’t you form your own opinions? I also get kind of sick of people asking - it’s weird, because I love my kids, of course I love my kids - but people ask a lot of questions about being a mom and sometimes it’s kind of like: are we talking about the album or…? I’m definitely a normal human - I have both sides to me. But when I get busy, I get more anxious and agitated and I try to do yoga and stretches and remind myself not to sweat the small stuff.

This is but a tiny window into the broader mechanism of the mainstream music industry.

An industry where (a select few, should you be so blessed as to stand out from your competition) musicians rise and rise only to fall into relative obscurity after their stratospheric climb.

) without hearing “Come Away With Me”, the title track off Norah's Grammy-sweepstakes first album. I wrote all the songs on piano, which was something I haven’t done much of, and I haven’t played this much piano in a really long time. Your music is very calming, even if it’s about more intense subject matter, it still has a relaxing quality.

"Me and Jacquire worked well to­gether, and I made a lot of margaritas.

It was fun recording at home and hav­ing some funny late nights.

"Jacquire and I were afraid that the songs were too all over the place," she says.

"But I figured, ' Hey, I'll be the thread.

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This thinking is a reflection of a consumption culture fed by novelty, not by substance.

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